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Thief Achievement List: Embracing The Concept Of Stealth


If you love to grab all the Trophies/Achievements you can, you'll want to check out the list for the upcoming Thief reboot. Usually, one of the questions people ask is as follows: "Is it doable?"

Well, sure, anything's doable. It's just a matter of your patience and skill, and you're gonna need a fair amount of it if you wish to nab every Trophy/Achievement. The full list has been discovered at Xbox Achievements , if you want to take a peek.

There are 37 in all and for the most part, they're pretty standard. You're acknowledged for nabbing all the loot and collectibles in a single chapter, picking a lock with "masterful speed," completing 25 optional Thieving Objectives, etc. But there are a few that will definitely take some practice. For instance, there's one that requires you to avoid the Focus ability until the final chapter.

Then there's the "Moral Victory" one, which means you must complete the game without killing anyone or knocking anyone out. I can see doing it without the killing part, but to avoid interaction entirely…? That's gonna take some strategy. Thief is slated to arrive on February 28 for PlayStation 4, Xbox One, PlayStation 3, Xbox 360 and PC. And I can't wait .

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10 years ago

I like the way that this Thief game is shaping up. Seems like you can configure it however you want to make it more casual friendly or brutally hardcore and I commend that.

I'll have to check this out when it launches, I need another game to scratch my Tenchu itch.

10 years ago

I'll never get all the trophies here, but I sure as hell will have fun.

Last edited by Feryx on 1/27/2014 3:02:15 PM

10 years ago

really cant wait for this ive been craving a true call back to the stealth genre for AGES!
one thing that really worries me though is ive noticed its funny how good game design is directly proportional to whether the games true core stealth, ie your seen you die, or your seen just kill everyone problem fixed.
and thats what really worries me about this, im worried its going to fall into the same traps as blacklist, absolution, and AC has been, ie some levels designed really well for stealth and others the complete opposite, impossible to do stealth.

one problem that has been plaguing ubisoft games for ages, especially assassins creed.
its funny how every level where if you get found who cares theres very few hiding spots and its really difficult to find how to plot your way around without being seen.
but when you cannot be seen, in those levels, theres tons of hiding spots and you can easily see several paths from where you stand to where you need to be, traveling in total darkness.
black flag the perfect example, i was playing the DLC last night and really was not enjoying it much till i got to one mission where you cannot be seen the entire mission, and suddenly everything falls into place, everythings just so well designed and placed, it makes you feel like a true assassin and now all of a sudden you really start enjoying it.
i would trade in the ENTIRE game, every single mission, just for ONE more of those!

i noticed allot of that with splinter cell conviction, and more recently blacklist or even hitman absolution.
some levels are so well designed theres a million and one ways to stealthily do whatever it is you need to do, and other levels are so poorly designed its nigh on impossible to do so!
conviction a perfect example, by far THE best designed level for stealth in the whole game is the third echelon level where if your seen its instant fail.

and thats exactly why when people hear the oh you can play however you want, they instantly cringe.
because they know some levels are going to be designed really well to play stealthily, and some will not, completely destroying the experience!
hitman absolution for instance, if the whole game was as well designed with as many hiding places as the opening mission, it would of easily been one of the best stealth games ever released!
but alas it wasnt.

Solid Fantasy
Solid Fantasy
10 years ago

Nice. The stealth mechanic getting put into the main focal point of gameplay. It's okay as a tack on in other games. Uncharted had it there if you really wanted it, but the core was obviously a little more geared for the extroverted.

It's always nice to observe all of your enemies and wait for that brief gap in there route to get to point b.

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