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The Golf Club: A Full Golf Experience Coming In Spring

EA's Tiger Woods PGA Tour franchise has been temporarily shelved, but that doesn't mean duffers must go without in 2014.

An independent developer out of Canada, HB Studios, has announced The Golf Club , a full-on golf simulator slated to release this spring for the PlayStation 4, Xbox One and PC. HB Studios has worked on several EA Sports titles to date, so they know what they're doing.

The team wants to deliver a complete golf experience with very little in the way of load times. They say you won't have to wait at all between holes, and switching courses will only require a "minimal" amount of time. The design is based around the concept of "rapid access," so you won't be waiting around long. Just as a tangent, is that really necessary? I mean, golf is pretty leisurely by default, and even using a golf cart, it takes time to move along. Golf fanatics are used to waiting!

Oh, I'm just kidding around. Anyway, another cool feature will be the procedurally generated courses. You won't have real-world courses (sort of unfortunate, but the developer doesn't have the requisite licensing), but the game will automatically create an "infinite" number of courses. We'll also get multiplayer online action, tours and tournaments, a course editor, and an "intuitive" control system. …just don't force me to use the analog sticks.

To learn more, check out the game's website . I still want a new Hot Shots , though. When might we see that, Sony?

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10 years ago

Hotshot's Golf is the gold standard for golfing imo. Well, at least it is the most fun.

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