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New Agni’s Philosophy Vids Feature Silly Amounts Of Detail

Agni's Philosophy was a tech demo by Square Enix showcasing the company's advanced next-gen Luminous Studio engine; it debuted at E3 this year. It was…wow.

We'd already heard that it took the team a full year to develop the four-minute presentation, but there's more to talk about.

Two new videos show off even more impressive technology, featuring immensely detailed faces and various customizing that seems ultra-cool. It shows how users can even alter the amount of sweat on a brow…and that's pretty insane. Obviously, this is designed for next-generation hardware but this sneak peek at the future is exciting; we just have to wonder if Final Fantasy XV will actually look like this. Graphics aren't everything, of course, but they can be extraordinarily effective in presenting us with a believable universe and characters. That's their most important role.

And the Luminous Studio engine seems primed to deliver quite the experience. Can't wait to see more!