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Hello Games Won’t Let A Little Flood Delay No Man’s Sky

As we reported over the holidays, Joe Danger developer Hello Games suffered through a damaging flood that eradicated all their office equipment, including PCs.

However, the studio is now up and running at "full speed" and development of their ambitious next-gen title, No Man's Sky , has resumed. Best of all, as the team said at their website , the anticipated game will not be delayed.

Said boss man Sean Murray:

"We won’t let that happen!

At times recently I’ve wanted to be depressed, to wallow, but it’s impossible surrounded by this team. They are literally unstoppable. If we’ve lost some work, we’ll make up the time. We’ll steal dev-kits. We’ll work on a boat. Whatever it takes (not actual stealing… maybe :)"

The team has constructed "a makeshift post-apocalyptic set of workstations" just to keep working, and I'd say that qualifies as unparalleled dedication. One thing we should never forget about most game designers: They're gamers, too. They love games just as much – if not more – than you. That means they have the blessing of adoring their work, so really, they just reconstructed their playground. Admit it, guys. 🙂

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9 years ago

Amped up, excited teams usually make great games. I'm definitely interested in flying those friendly skies. Feels like one of those different Jaguar or Dreamcast games.

9 years ago

Like I have said before this is the first title I have seen that really seems to fit that "next gen" mold.

I'm impressed with the dedication of the team and look forward to playing this game whenever I can get my hands on it.

9 years ago

Hello Games is awesome. I loved the first Joe Danger game. No Man's Sky looks phenomenal, I'm glad to hear that they're so passionate and dedicated to the project, especially after their huge losses.

Really can't wait to pick up this game when it releases day one!

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Tim Speed24
Tim Speed24
9 years ago

Yes, this is good news. Keep cranking guys, I want to play No Mans Sky ASAP.

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