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Outlast Coming To PS4 In February, Free For Plus Members

Playstation Plus just keeps on delivering the goods.

I keep asking myself what Sony will be putting up on the store every Tuesday for Plus members. That question goes doubly for the PS4 store. That thing is just so empty.

But hey, quality over quantity yes? We've had the excellent Resogun , Contrast , and now Don't Starve is there for PS4. Meanwhile PS3 gamers are getting such hot titles as DmC: Devil May Cry and I'm pretty sure Bioshock Infinite will be dropping today.

Next month PS4 gamers will get a survival horror experience that has already made waves on PC. Developer Red Barrels has announced on their Facebook page that Outlast will scare PS4 gamers in February. It will of course being scaring you for free if you are a Plus member.

We love honest to goodness survival horror around here and access to Outlast will soon be yet another reason to join PS Plus.