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Monster Hunter: World Gets New Limited Time Event On April 19th

As Monster Hunter: World’s Springtime Blossom Fest comes to a close, Capcom announced today that the next free title update is just a few days away. A new limited time quest event will having you tracking down the imposing elder dragon in the Siege of Kulve Taroth:


This new game type, called Siege, is designed specifically for co-op play and requires all hunters in the same Gathering Hub to work together. Up to 16 players total will be split into four groups of four players, all tackling different tasks but working towards the same common goal of bringing down Taroth. The main goal of this quest may be to simply defeat Kulve, but an added wrinkle suggests that his magnificent golden mantle is actually a collection of potentially great weapons he has collected throughout his journeys, and they can be yours if you and your team play your cards right.

For more information you can check out Capcom’s official blog post.

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