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Call of Duty: WWII

Call of Duty: WWII Shakes Things Up With Second DLC Coming April 10th

Call of Duty: WWII’s second major DLC update hits on April 10th and with it comes some substantial changes to the multiplayer’s Divisions system.


The update looks to make things more accessible overall, specifically the level-ranking unlocks, detailed below:


  1. Extra primary attachment
  2. Second pistol attachment, swap weapon speed increase
  3. Less sway while ADS
  4. Move faster while ADS


  1. Mini-map indicator and scrambler of close hostiles
  2. Enemy movement easier to hear
  3. Kills and assists grant Intel Ping of Nearby Enemies
  4. Easier to spot targets, increased mini-map coverage


  1. Fire guns while sprinting/diving
  2. Reload while sprinting
  3. Climb faster, no fall damage
  4. Sprint faster over time


  1. Invis to Recon Aircraft and controlled Scorestreaks
  2. Killed enemy death locations hidden
  3. No name or reticle change when aimed at
  4. Silent movement


  1. Less explosive/fire damage
  2. Immune to shellshock and Tactical Equipment
  3. Increased bullet penetration
  4. Greatly reduced flinch when shot


  1. Double Lethal + Tactical Equipment use
  2. Munitions replenish from killed enemies over time
  3. Improved Tacticals and easier to destroy buildables in War mode
  4. Equipment damage paints enemies on mini-map

There’s a lot more than even that, and it’s all covered in Sledgehammer Games’ blog post and the video below:

Are you still playing WWII? Sound off in the comments section, soldiers!

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