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Bethesda Game Studios

Bethesda Expands With a New Studio

One of the biggest game developers is expanding and that’s probably good news for us gamers. It might be bad news for the game Battlecry though. Along with the two current locations, Bethesda announced that it has brought Battlecry Studios (located in Austin Texas and now renamed Bethesda Studios Austin) into the fold. As of right now, they are tasked with helping Bethesda with current projects such as multiplayer for Doom. But this also means more resources for future projects. Maybe another Elder Scrolls?

On the flipside, the game Battlecry has been put on hold for the time being. Public reactions since the announcement of the free to play game have been fairly skeptical. And development has been slow coming. Now the game is on hold as the team is tasked with other projects. There are even rumors about it’s cancellation although there has been no official news.

Whether this means the end of Battlecry may or may not matter to most people though. This inclusion of the studio is a plus for current and future development for Bethesda. The well known company has made some massive games including Skyrim, Fallout 4, and Dishonored. Having these extra resources might help create even more new content. Whether you like the company or not, Bethesda is definitely growing. Makes one wonder what announcements they may have this year at E3. Hmm….

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