In celebration of the PS2's 15th anniversary, we posted up a respectful editorial yesterday.

But when we're talking about arguably the greatest video game console of all time, we need an article dedicated to the games.

After all, despite what anyone might say about an affordable DVD player or better marketing than Sega (and Dreamcast consequently suffered), the PS2 became a timeless legend because of its hugely extensive and wonderfully innovative library. Some of those franchises are still around today; legends like Metal Gear Solid , Gran Turismo , Final Fantasy , Ratchet & Clank , etc. But which series from the PS2 era would you like to see return? Which one deserves a next-gen effort?

Although I know I'll never get it, I really wish we'd get another Shadow Hearts . The first title, Covenant , remains one of my favorite RPGs of all time. The sequel wasn't quite as good but it did boast a refined Judgment Ring, making it one of the best and most unique combat mechanics in existence. It was turn-based but you needed timing – and strategy – to be successful, and the end result was just magic. The story and characters were excellent as well.

So, what's yours?