As much as I'd like to see PlayStation 4 duplicate the ridiculous success of one of its predecessors, it's basically impossible.

Never again will you see a console like the PS2 dominate on that scale. And now that the system has turned 15 years of age, perhaps we should all reflect and pay tribute.

Those who recall the early days of the PS2 well recall the hype train surrounding that system. Honestly, I've been gaming since the first home consoles hit the market and we'd never seen anything quite like this before. The gaming community was boiling over around the turn of the century and at the center was the PS2.

I won't go into a long history of the console; most of you probably already know it. But it's important to note the PS2's total and complete dominance of the video game market between 2000 and 2005. Yes, the console sold over 160 million units overall but it needed many more years to reach that number. What's more mind-boggling, in my eyes, is just how easily and how soundly PS2 tromped the competition. Xbox and GameCube combined sales had no hope of catching the PS2.

Thing is, you really won't see anything like it again. It was the perfect storm. Nintendo wasn't doing so hot as they transitioned from the N64 to the GameCube, people were all sorts of skeptical about Microsoft joining the fray, and the original PlayStation had already become a widely accepted platform. On top of which, the industry was definitely starting to go mainstream, which cast an even bigger spotlight on PS2. It would also beat Xbox and GameCube to market by over a year. And oh yeah, the games…has any console had a better or more diverse selection in history? I think not.

PS2 wins. Plain and simple. I hope everyone remembers what it was like, too, because I promise you won't see it again. The industry has changed far too much.