Yeah, well, they can't have mine.

Retailer GameStop hasn't accepted PS2's in trade since June of 2013. But due to "high demand," they're once again asking for your old systems.

The PlayStation 2 remains the best-selling video game console of all time by a long shot (over 160 million sold), and the fact that it can play all PS2 and PS1 games gives it a ridiculously huge library. Let's also not forget that for many veteran gamers, there are experiences on that system that you simply can't find anymore. The advancement of technology has been positive but it has also eradicated various forms of gameplay that are very different from what we have today.

Said GameStop in a statement:

"The video game console that had captured millions of hearts around the world continues to breathe life. The Sony PlayStation 2 is known for its vast library of games and being the top selling video game console of all-time. GameStop knows that a demand for this iconic piece of video game history is still high and will once again buy back PS2 consoles."

You won't get much for it, though. GameStop is offering $25 store credit to those who bring in a PS2 with a power cable, A/V cable, and one controller. You get $20 for the system without these accessories. …hell, I wouldn't give 'em mine if they were offering $500.