A certain image is making the Internet rounds. It's also bringing a nostalgic tear to many an eye.

Production of the reigning king of all video game systems, the PlayStation 2, stopped at the end of last year. No more PS2s will ever be made. But its run of 13 years and over 150 million units sold is absolutely unprecedented in this industry and in truth, we may never see such domination again.

However, if you're looking to ditch your PS2 stuff at the local GameStop, you better move quickly. According to the aforementioned image posted up by a Reddit user , the retailer will stop taking PS2s in trade as of June 1. Several GameStops around me have confirmed that the date is correct and that it also applies to all PS2 games and accessories. Personally, I'm keeping my PS2 Slim because it lets me play all the PS2 and PS1 games, and I've still got a ton of them. How's about you?

The PS2 was a beast of a machine. It owned the market for an extended period of time. And looking back, I'd say it deserved every ounce of that success; it was just such an awesome console.