We're still leery about this project but maybe with the right cast and crew, it'll come out all right. Maybe.

According to The Hollywood Reporter , Sony Pictures has hired "Hanna" co-writer Seth Lochhead to write the screenplay for the upcoming movie based on the PS2 classic, Shadow of the Colossus .

On board to direct is Josh Trank ("Chronicle") and Kevin Misher ("The Scorpion King," "Public Enemies") will produce the film. As of now, we've heard of no actors confirmed for the project, although you have to assume there can't be very many. I mean, if it's going to be faithful to the game, there's really only one primary character (who never says anything, by the way) and perhaps one or two others with very small roles, depending on how Locchead interprets the storyline.

Personally, I'm relatively convinced that this will be a colossal (get it?) fu**-up. They'll just turn it into a flashy action movie with one dude taking down a bunch of big monsters, and it'll lose every shred of the mystery, awe, and surprisingly touching nature of the game. Hollywood is really good at eradicating such traits from movies based on video games.

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