RPG, and especially, Persona fans can rejoice! Atlus has announced that they have finally shipped the complete cut of Persona 3. Persona 3: FES boasts a two disc package, with an all new chapter that features an additional 30+ hours gameplay, and an enhanced version of the original game. You are essentially getting two complete games in one package.

Moreover, enhancements to the original Person 3 include brand new content and features. Persona 3: FES comes just in time for PlayStation 2 owners who are pining for a new RPG game to play. With an average of 87% on GameRankings, Persona 3 is the RPG everyone can agree on. It's received high-sung praises from both the press and gamers alike.

And the best part about the whole offer is that this director's cut re-release costs a mere $29.99, and that can easily be considered a bargain. You can look for Persona 3: FES on store shelves starting tomorrow.

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13 years ago

YAHOOOO! Picking up my copy tomorrow!!!!

13 years ago

Damn, I wish my PS3 played PS2 games. I need to get a used PS2… >_<

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