This is when US and European gamers are on the outside looking in, wondering if Square-Enix will ever treat the "outsiders" the same way they treat the Japanese. Of course, the publisher has every reason to be nice to that region; it's by far their biggest source of revenue. Still…are we going to get Square-Enix's "Ultimate Hits Summer Line-Up?" Yeah, probably not.

Anyway, according to the most recent edition of Famitsu, it seems the veteran RPG developer and publisher is going to be offering several hit titles at a very reasonable price this summer. As of June 26, the following games will be wold for 2940 yen, which translates to about $29:

Sure is nice of Square-Enix to do this, especially with the typically more lucrative summer months. Here in the US, though, we actually have an even better deal for at least two of those games ( Final Mix+ and that last one never came here): yep, it's called the good ol' Greatest Hit. We can already pick up Final Fantasy XII and Kingdom Hearts II for $20. So HA!

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