It's a common trend these days: PSP games popping up on PS2. We've already seen several Grand Theft Auto titles debut on the PSP and then get ported to the PS2, and it seems Ratchet and Clank: Size Matters is next on the list.

We've been hearing this rumor for quite a while, but Sony hasn't confirmed anything…until now. Provided the translation and source proves true, one of the biggest European gaming sites (HardGame2) has revealed that Size Matters is headed to Sony's aging – yet still immensely popular – console:

"Thanks to the latest list of launches that has published Sony Computer Entertainment, it has been officially confirmed the arrival of Ratchet & Clank: Size Matters to PlayStation 2, a version of the title that enjoyed excellent PSP users from almost a year ago . Little more information about this title by now, except that its output in stores is scheduled for next March 19."

The translation might be a bit wonky, but the message is obvious. One of the best PSP games of 2007 is on the way to the PS2, and we're definitely excited about that. We expect it to be a budget $20 title, too, so how can you possibly pass it up? Let's hope Sony confirms this project, and that March 19 date, soon.

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