Sometimes, when you're a role-playing fan, you wish you lived in Japan.

According to RPGFan, Sega has announced they will release a Phantasy Star Complete Collection for the PS2 in Japan in late March. This will include the first four installments in the legendary RPG franchise ( Phantasy Star I – IV ), plus eight scenarios of Phantasy Star II Text Adventure . Also, for all you gamers out there who aren't interested in the entire "old-school" experience, Sega will offer more save spots for the games. In addition, they're going to feature multiple difficulty settings – hey, some of these were pretty difficult back in the day – and you can even alter the speed of your characters on screen! It's going to be quite the compilation for those who remember the good ol' days of console role-playin'.

This great collection will hit store shelves in Japan on March 27 for the reasonable price of 2500 yen (a little more than $20 USD). Obviously, no word yet on whether or not Sega plans to bring the compilation to the US, but we suggest not holding your breath.

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