Well, the holiday season is well underwar in Japan and just by looking at the sales numbers below, that's rather obvious. Handhelds are the clear victor here, as the Nintendo DS moved 222k units, meanwhile the more expensive Sony PSP racked in an astonishing 185k portables sold! The Wii has seen a large bump in sales thanks to Wii Fit, Super Mario Galaxy, and Mario and Sonic Olympics. The Wii sold an impressive 170.5k consoles. With only Gran Turismo 5 Prologue to carry it, the PlayStation 3 sales weren't bad, and the unit moved 64k pieces of hardware.

As we get closer to Christmas, this week's sales numbers (12/17-12/23) should be even more interesting. Take a look at the breakdown below, with last week's numbers in the second column.

Nintendo DS – 222,144 | 168,267

Sony PSP – 184,610 | 91,4810

Nintendo Wii – 170,558 | 115,057

Sony PS3 – 63,720 | 38,123

Sony PS2 – 18,025 | 11,987

Xbox 360 – 8,561 | 8,876

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