Sega continues to cater to its fans in a big way, never forgetting its roots and enticing gamers with old-school stuff to make 'em smile in nostalgic remembrance. We already know about the Saturn's NiGHTS Into Dreams remake for the PS2, but according to IGN, there's a nice little holiday bonus inside as well…

There's a extra mode of play in the remake called Christmas Dream, which can only be accessed after completing the game. Not surprisingly, this new mode takes place in a snow-laden world, complete with a Santa outfit for the main character! Now, as we said, Sega loves its fans and those fans will immediately recognize this mode. It's a spin-off of the Christmas Nights bonus disc Saturn owners received as a special add-on with the system, so chances are, the hardcore NiGHTS fans are familiar with the concept. Just remember, if you don't beat the remake, you won't be playing in a winter wonderland.

At this point, and sadly for North American gamers, there are no plans to release the NiGHTS Into Dreams PS2 remake outside of Japan. But we figure if enough fans start to clamor for it, Sega might hear the call and export this bad boy. The Japanese release is scheduled for February 21.

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