Well, you had to expect the PS2 version of Rock Band might not include every last feature we find in the PS3 and Xbox 360 versions. But PS2 owners of the game will find that there are a few very significant features missing…so the differences between the PS2 and PS3/360 versions go far beyond graphics.

According to Joystiq, Rock Band for the PS2 doesn't boast any online support whatsoever, which nixes any chance for online co-op play or downloadable content. Perhaps some gamers may have anticipated this, but they may not have realized Harmonix was going to change the offline multiplayer as well. If you own the PS2 version, you'll notice there is no World Tour mode, which allows the player to travel to different venues, collecting fans and money while unlocking new locations, gigs and extra songs. This is a great feature in the next-gen version of the game, but instead, the PS2 gets a tiered list of songs, much like we found in the Guitar Hero titles.

Unfortunately, it doesn't end there. You can't create and customize your own rock God in the PS2 version, either. Obviously, this also means you can't form your very own band; you'll be playing with a pre-set band depending on the song you choose. Now, if you're really looking forward to playing Rock Band , and you still haven't sprung for a next-gen console yet, perhaps this will finally coerce you… Otherwise, you'll just have to settle for a significantly altered PS2 version when it launches tomorrow.

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