No, it's not for the PS3, but hey, this is Twisted Metal we're talking about, here. It's one of the most entertaining franchises in game history (well, it is when a Sony or Jaffe-led team is working on it), and the new Twisted Metal: Head-On: Extra Twisted Edition is lookin' great. Sony Computer Entertainment has just released a brand new batch of screenshots along with a few pertinent details.

Just to clarify, Head-On is for the PSP while this Extra Twisted Edition is for the PS2, and both are being developed by God of War creator and new head of Eat Sleep Play, David Jaffe. Both titles are due out this spring, and the PS2 version features everything included in the PSP version plus a whole new level called "Lost." We'll also see a few characters from Twisted Metal: Black (the excellent 2001 installment), four "lost" levels for the unfortunately canceled Black sequel and two all new vehicles. We think we see one of them in those screenshots…do you see it? We wonder when SCE will unveil that new character.

Furthermore, we'll finally get the chance to run around with our favorite demented clown, Sweettooth. And when we say "run," we mean exactly that: Extra Twisted Edition will feature an on-foot third-person level that lets the player rampage around as the sadistic flame-headed sociopath! Oh, and lastly, the game will boast a video documentary on the series plus a few never-before-seen end movies from the original Twisted Metal on the PS1. Anybody else excited for this? You damn well should be.

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