Fans of this old-school classic were overjoyed to hear about the remake , which is scheduled to arrive for the PS2 next year. The original NiGHTS Into Dreams on the Sega Saturn was an instant cult classic and remains revered by many today.

However, according to Spong and NiGHTS producer Takashi Iizuka, the team has no plans to bring this remake to any other region besides Japan.

"There are currently no plans for the PS2 version to be released outside of Japan, and no plans for a Wii version either," said Iizuka. "It is being released in Japan, due to the high demand for the game. So there are no plans for a worldwide release… so far."

Well, it's not exactly a surprising revelation, and there's always hope with that "so far" bit. Obviously, Japan would want this game more than North America or Europe – that's a given – but it doesn't mean there aren't any NiGHTS fans around these parts. Of course, there aren't as many , which is probably the reason why the remake is only slated for Japan. The PS2 continues to run strong in all territories, though, so let's hope they change their minds in the near future.

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