The PS2 is a long ways from dead, and we're talking about one of the biggest cult classics in video game history. According to the most recent issue of Famitsu, Sega has revealed they plan to bring an enhanced remake of NiGHTS Into Dreams to the PS2 early next year.

NiGHTS is already scheduled for a February 21 release, and will support 16:9 widescreen, the requisite visual updates, and several bonus videos and images from the original title. Perhaps best of all, it will retail as a budget title at 3990 yen, although we're still not sure if this remake will arrive in the US or Europe. We're definitely going to want it, though, as this game first made a big splash on the old Sega Saturn back in 1996. Fans have been following the game's long-awaiting and now-impending sequel, NiGHTS: Journey of Dreams , which is an exclusive Wii title slated for December 18. This one will feature online multiplayer, so it's a big deal for loyal NiGHTS enthusiasts.

But hey, just about everyone on the planet has a PS2 by now, so a remake sounds like just the ticket. It'll be relatively cheap, and it will also give a whole new generation of gamers a chance to revel in the classic goodness.

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