The most successful console in video game history keeps on truckin', and the latest rumor – only semi-confirmed by a couple sources including Gamasutra and PS3Tag – says Sony plans to celebrate the PS2's seventh birthday in fine style.

It seems they're planning to announce a shiny new Ceramic White PS2 to go along with the launch of the new "entry level" 40GB PS3, and furthermore, they have no less than 160 games scheduled to arrive before the end of March 2008! Remember, this is a system that has managed to sell over 120 million units worldwide, and publishers who made a ton of money on the PS2 are reluctant to let go. And why should they, given that massive installed user base? We'll be looking for pics of that Ceramic White PS2 (Japan is getting a Ceramic White PS3 and a white Dual Shock 3, so it seems perfectly feasible), and we'd also like to hear more about those 160 titles.

That's a lot of games, but hey, the console already has a downright ridiculous library, and just because the new generation is in full swing, that doesn't mean we should abandon the past. On top of this, none of the new PS3 models are entirely backwards compatible (the 40GB model isn't compatible at all with PS2 games), so one fact is becoming more and more evident: true gamers are gonna need a PS2 for years to come.

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