There are some games that are best suited for certain regions, and when it comes to niche franchises like Buzz! , there's only one territory to consider: Europe. They love their game shows over there, which is why they all seem to embrace Sony's quiz game-based series. And now, they've got another reason to cheer.

Sony has announced the next installment, Buzz!: The Hollywood Quiz , set to be released in Europe this October on the PS2. It'll feature over 5,000 questions, movie clips, pictures, celebrity photos, and sound bites, so it's one massive offering to all you Euro quiz aficionados out there. Up to 8 players can compete at once, and of course, you'll be constantly entertained by your favorite host…

The Hollywood Quiz will also boast several new round types: Rollover, Fact or Fiction, and Hollywood Stars, in addition to a bunch of new contestant characters. Obviously, questions center on Hollywood news, info, details, and gossip, so stock up on all your pop culture knowledge! "Which rehab center is Lindsey Lohan attending now?"

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