When I first saw Crash of the Titans revealed months ago, I didn't think much of the game. Vivendi has gone and redone Crash's signature look and gave him some weird mohawk-looking thing. Still, I held out hope, and perhaps we'd get a decent platformer. Well, after playing Crash of the Titans at E3, that's not going to happen. While a lot of sequels and remakes at E3 have stayed true to their predecessor's formulas, Crash of the Titans abandons its classic formula.

While the stages are still linear, their designs are uninspired. The game's difficulty has been significantly toned down to accommodate Crash's new target audience – children. You're not going to see the same quality you saw in Crash Bandicoot 3, so if you're holding out hope, let it go. For whatever reason, Crash's new spin move looks…stupid. Instead of wildly twisting his body, Crash's new animation is pretty tame.

On top of that, combat is boring and being able to mount some of the larger monsters in the game seems to make things just that much more duller and easier. And why is it that I can't jump on enemies anymore? I tried killing enemies a number of times by jumping on them, only to have it result in my death. Talk about a straying away.

The graphics weren't anything great. The PlayStation 2 is certainly capable of far more than what Crash of the Titans displaying. In terms of caliber, the game barely looks any better than the first PS2 Crash Bandicoot game. The game will likely sell well for Vivendi, but true Crash Bandicoot fans will not be very satisfied with Crash of the Titans. It'd also have been nice to see Crash in next-gen form, but it doesn't look like we'll be getting that from Vivendi anytime soon.

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