Rumors, rumors, rumors. They just fly around at will until someone gets a straight answer…and even then, we're often not sure how "straight" that answer is. The most recent rumor involves Square-Enix's Kingdom Hearts franchise and the ongoing debate regarding a third installment, and whether or not the U.S. or Europe will see the Final Mix titles.

First, EGM reported on the possibility of Kingdom Hearts II: Final Mix+ releasing in the U.S. by this fall, but nobody was able to confirm such a rumor. Then, Forever Fantasy posted the following information from Mike at the Kingdom Hearts Network (apparently, this response was received after KH-related queries):

"…told me that it was not coming out to North America or Europe. He also stated that all Final Mix games are just for Japan. It's very possible to have them here, but it may be years. So, now I'm slamming EGM (Electronic Gaming Monthly) rumors of a fall release for Kingdom Hearts II: Final Mix+. On top of that, he also told me that there are no KH projects confirmed, yet. Which means that a sequel is not going to be confirmed at least until TGS (Tokyo Game Show)."

We may indeed see a Kingdom Hearts III announcement at this year's Tokyo Game Show, but it appears we'll never see the Final Mix games. This isn't shocking, considering the publisher never even hinted at the possibility of a U.S. or European release for those games, but the EGM rumor still got attention. Here's hoping Square-Enix clarifies some things at either E3 or TGS.

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