More PSP to PS2 ports are on the way, and one of them is Sony's Syphon Filter: Dark Mirror . The game was a big hit on the PSP last year, thereby prompting a sequel for the portable ( Syphon Filter: Logan's Shadow ), and SCE didn't want to rob PS2 owners of all the fun. Dark Mirror PS2 will arrive this September.

This marks the return of the franchise to a home console, as the series debuted on the PS1, had a lackluster original installment on the PS2, and then moved to the PSP. Dark Mirror got such good reviews and enjoyed such great success, PS2 owners should be happy with this news.

And of course, the PS2 port is "enhanced" with improved graphics (obviously) and gameplay controls. So it might be well worth your time, especially considering it'll likely release with that now-customary $20 price tag for PSP-to-PS2 ports. For you PSP owners, Logan's Shadow is due out this October.

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