The UK has already banned Manhunt 2 due to its "casual sadism" and "unremitting bleakness and callousness," and now, the ESRB has leveled the official boom: the upcoming PS2 and Wii title will be slapped with the AO (Adults Only) rating.

It's likely Take-Two was hoping to squeak through with the "M-Mature" rating, but it's not to be. It's unknown exactly when the AO rating was passed down, but it was recently, and it has far-reaching effects. The impact of this decision will be felt throughout the world, as several major retailers won't even carry AO-rated games. Wal-Mart is one example, and even retailers who do opt to carry it may be facing some stiff requirements…perhaps they'll have to keep the game behind the counter, which means no boxes for display.

This isn't what the publisher wanted, most likely, considering AO-rated games in the past have experienced dismal sales. Without the availability, how can sales be any good, anyway? Well, for the intrigued, the game is still coming to the U.S., but you had best be of age, or you ain't getting it.

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