Stealth fans are getting a nice surprise tomorrow: Eidos will be releasing a Hitman Trilogy for the PS2 that includes Hitman: Blood Money , Hitman: Silent Assassin , and Hitman: Contracts , as well as a bonus demo disc of Kane & Lynch: Dead Men . The deadly hitman really hit it big last generation, and Eidos is summing up the franchise nicely (minus the original Hitman: Codename 47 ).

These titles are the second, third, and fourth in the series, so you'll be able to see just how much the series grew over the years. The original was pretty innovative, but it had its fair share of issues; subsequent installments proved to be much better. That Kane & Lynch: Dead Men disc boasts a bunch of new media for the highly anticipated title, including screenshots, trailers, and artwork. It's not a surprising addition, because both Hitman and Kane & Lynch are developed by IO Interactive.

This collection will retail for $29.99, and that's not bad for experiencing three good-quality stealth/action titles. If you've been looking for something to play while awaiting the fall blockbusters, and you have a thing for these kinds of games, pick this one up tomorrow.

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