Okay, it's finally coming. The game has apparently been on hold for quite some time, but Red Mile Entertainment has announced that Jackass: The Game is on the way for the PS2, PSP, and DS. For now, it's scheduled for a fall release date.

They describe the game as a "mission-based action/adventure," and of course, it's based on the popular MTV show and two ensuing films. This title will feature 35 different scenarios – stunts and other jackass-ery, we assume – and the Jackass crew including Johnny Knoxville and Steve-O. We do know about two of those scenarios: one has you rolling around city streets in a garbage can, dodging traffic, while the other puts you in a golf cart with the simple goal of destroying everything you can down at the club.

At this point, it seems the PSP version is going to be special, as it will receive the benefit of unlockable footage from the show and a "save replay" feature. Users will also be able to trade those clips wirelessly with friends, which is another cool bonus. There may be extras exclusive to the other two platforms, but Red Mile hasn't mentioned them as of yet.

Yeah, it had to happen eventually. Just let us know one thing: can we bash on each other in full knight apparel on a tennis court?

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