You love watching those "I Love the 80s" shows on VH1, and you've still got some of those old Quiet Riot posters hangin' up in your bedroom. Hell, you even miss that wretched big-hair style. Yes, you're a fan of the decade, and therefore, you should be happy to hear about the Rocks of the 80's expansion pack for Guitar Hero . Thanks to Opposable Thumbs at ars technica, we can bring you the first seven songs on the 30-track expansion list:

Interestingly enough, they're listing the game as a PS2 exclusive, but we're not sure if that's confirmed or official. But we do know the '80s have always kicked ass – regardless of the bad fashion trends – and these seven tracks are indicative of that awesomeness. No, it's true. Be sure to check back for future updates regarding this expansion.

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