Atlus announced today the arrival of Persona 3 for the
PlayStation 2 this coming Summer. It'll be launched under the
Shin Megami Tensei franchise, and will come as either the
standalone game or in a collector's edition box. The collector's
version will feature an art book and game soundtrack. Persona 3 comes
eight years after the release of Persona 2 in the Staes, and the
game has received tons of awards and acclaim overseas in Japan.

“Persona 3 is the most exciting, challenging, and ambitious
title in the SMT series to date!” said Yu Namba, Project
Lead for P3. “While still faithful to its roots, it takes
the series in a bold new direction with the implementation of the
Social Link system, where your relationship with not just party
members but also a huge cast of characters is critical to your

Below, take a look at the game's features and the content of the
collector's version:

*Engaging Social Link system lets you build intimate
relationships with friends and love interests alike!

*Unforgettable characters and professionally-acted dialogue bring
the story to life!

*Massive replay value with over 20 Social Links and a complex
storyline encompassing a full school year.

*Highly stylized designs grace the beautiful 2D character
portraits, detailed 3D animations, and heart-pounding cut scenes!

*Intense, strategic battle system; find and exploit enemy
weaknesses with the help of your allies!

*A full-color, 52-page art book packed with character art,
concept sketches, and more!

*Soundtrack CD featuring the hip urban-techno music of Shoji
Meguro, composer of the haunting and unforgettable scores

for Nocturne and Digital Devil Saga!

*A striking collector’s box to store your game and all the
extra goodies!

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