Some people may not understand just how popular Phoenix Wright: Ace Attorney is; it's one of the most under-appreciated cult classics out there, and Capcom has decided to add another bizarre attorney to their ranks: Harvey Birdman.

At Capcom's Gamer's Day in San Francisco last week, the publisher acquired the rights to make games based on the Cartoon Network's Birdman lawyer. The Network that's home to so many loopy cartoons has already leaped into the warm waters of the interactive world, as a new Aqua Teen Hunger Force and Robot Chicken have both been recently announced.

High Voltage Software is taking the reigns for the first Harvey Birdman-based game, and it will be available for the PS2 and PSP. A Capcom executive told GameSpot that the game would be set in a similar environment as Phoenix Wright ; i.e., a courtroom setting. It's the second announced license Capcom has snapped up, as the other is the acclaimed MotoGP franchise.

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