Nothing is as it appears. The new God of War site, designed specifically for hardcore fans of the games, launched just yesterday. Of course, the Island of Rhodes doesn't unveil much beyond developer commentary. That's not a bad thing, mind you, but everyone was hoping for a little something else. Well, maybe we all should've looked a bit harder…

As it turns out, there are several puzzles at the site, and upon completing them, you reveal the words, "HD mode." In other words, you can find out how to enable HD for God of War II , a feature that was dropped at the last second. However, remember that it's not full 720p; it's actually 480p with "full size buffers," which makes the resolution 640×448. But that visual increase isn't the big news. < /p.

No, something else is hidden at the site: a countdown. It's counting down even as we speak, and it will hit zero in a little over eleven days. And chances are, this one might have something to do with a new God of War project. Okay, the GTA IV trailer countdown is long gone, so here's another countdown to keep our interest piqued!

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