Rowan Atkinson made Mr. Bean a household name; comedy fans tended to gravitate towards the bizarre, bumbling English man who never said much and seemed to have a face made out of Silly Putty. The crazy character spawned a movie several years back (simply entitled, "Bean"), and Rowan Atkinson has been featured in more recent films, such as "Johnny English." But now, the British star will be appearing in his very own game to be released on the PAL PS2.

According to GameSpot , Blast! Entertainment is preparing the game for a younger target audience, as it will be an adventure-style title with some minor platforming and puzzle solving. The description says the player will control Mr. Bean in an effort to "avoid tricky traps and solve problems along the way to find his missing Teddy with the help of Bean's girlfriend Irma Gobb."

The U.S. may have stumbled upon Mr. Bean over the past decade or so, and while it seemed to be nothing more than a passing fad here, the UK still loves the zany character. In fact, another new movie, "Mr. Bean's Holiday" was just recently released across the pond. At this time, Blast! hasn't announced any intention of releasing the game in North America, but you never know. If it's popular enough in Britain – and it probably will be – they just might send it our way.

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