Earlier in the week we published an article in regards to Activision defeating Lodestone founders Corey Fong and John Tam in a court battle. The win would prevent the two from developing games that are similar to Guitar Hero for a whole year. But the error is that there was a settlement drawn, not a win. The details of the settlement are unknown, at this point, but there was no win for either party.

Secondly, contrary to the information we sourced, Activision never won court battles against Reverb Communications or The Ant Commandos. PSX Extreme received a phone call and an official line today from Reverb confirming this: "Activision has not "won" a lawsuit against Reverb Communications or The Ant Commandos," said a representative for Reverb. "That lawsuit is still ongoing," she concluded. And there you have it. Looks like Activision hasn't really made as much progress as we initially thought they did. We also appreciate Reverb's co-operation and informing us.

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