Some of those rousing documentaries on the History channel are damn entertaining, and now, it appears they're turning one of their subjects into a video game. Today, Koch Media announced they're teaming up with Black Bean Games to develop a historical battle simulation entitled, The History Channel: Great Battles of Rome . If there's any history topic that would make a great leap to the interactive entertainment world, it's the ancient republic of Rome.

In this one, we'll be playing as a Roman legionnaire and will head out to do battle against the Barbarian hordes and rival countries. But it doesn't focus entirely on combat, as they've hinted at other aspects of the game that contribute to the building and growth of the Roman Empire.

"This game has given us the opportunity to bring a great television brand to life in the interactive entertainment arena. The blending of dramatic video footage from The History Channel with fast paced gameplay delivers a unique and authentic experience that will have mass appeal," said Chris Mehers of Black Bean Games.

It certainly sounds like a decent idea. The History Channel: Great Battles of Rome will be available for the PS2, PSP, and PC, and is scheduled to arrive in the UK this May and in the U.S. on June 12.

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