Sony has announced the arrival of the newest SingStar game, SingStar Pop, the follow up to SingStar Rocks! Featuring a total of 30 songs from artists like Destiny's Child, A-Ha, U2, James Blunt, Franz Ferdinand, Whitney Houston, and others, SingStar will have you sing in a variety of different styles, through a variety of different genres. There will be two packages of SingStar Pop, one that's just the game, or one that includes two USB microphones. Moreover, if you have SingStar Rocks! you can add the songs to your Pop library, and vice-versa.

"With songs from some of today's hottest stars and classic pop icons, SingStar Pop broadens the SingStar catalogue even further with a collection of hits appealing to a wide range of musical tastes," said Sarah Stocker, senior producer, Sony Computer Entertainment America. "Guaranteed family fun, we plan to continue growing the franchise and the introduction of SingStar Pop demonstrates our continued commitment in growing the PlayStation consumer base to reach new non-gaming audiences."

Of course you can play the game in either single-player mode, or in a variety of multiplayer modes such as Duet, One-on-One Battle, and Pass-the-Mic. You can use the EyeToy USB Camera to watch yourself as you perform, save your performance on the memory card, and watch them over again. Likewise, you can do the same for your standard vocal performances, and dress up your playback with various effects. SingStar Pop is available now for 29.99 and 49.99.

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