Upon its release on March 13, God of War II captured the hearts of gamers everywhere. Kratos was back and better than ever, and as you can see by our reviews , it's clearly a fantastic game. In fact, we at PSXE say it's the best PS2 game ever made.

Given all the praise and wonder generated by this instant classic, it's no wonder that fans are continuing to clamor for any news related to the new series. They've already confirmed an installment for the PSP, but now, something mysterious is bound to get the gossip cranking yet again. The emergence of a new website (notice the background) has sparked plenty of discussion and debate around the Internet, but we have no idea what the site is for. Is it for the PSP game? Is it for the PS3 project? What is the Island of Rhodes?

IGN contacted Sony to get some answers, but all they said was, "think original God of War ," and it's "for true God of War fans." Well, that helps…kinda. We can only wonder when Sony will give us the goods on this one.

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