It's getting to be a general rule of the video game industry: get big enough, and start talking feature film. And with the release of the highly anticipated sequel next week, not much is bigger than God of War , and so…yeah, you do the math.

Rumors and speculation had been flying before now, but Entertainment Weekly recently interviewed the game's lead designer, David Jaffe, and they found out the inevitable: a script for a movie based on the hit game has been written (by David Self, who also penned "Road to Perdition" and "Thirteen Days"). Of course, the project has a long way to go before it officially hits the big screen, but that doesn't mean Jaffe isn't hoping.

"I keep expecting them to call me and say it's dead, but my fingers are crossed," said Jaffe.

Let's just hope Jaffe handles this process as well as he handles the game development process. Granted, he won't have the same sort of control, but video game movies haven't exactly been Academy-worthy, and Jaffe wouldn't want to sully his good name. We're sure there are plenty of obstacles here, but we also think God of War would make a kick-ass movie, if done correctly. Is anyone else thinking Frank Miller's "300" style for the movie…?

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