Younger fans of quiz games, your time is near. Three new Buzz! Junior games have been announced (perhaps only for the UK, at this point, although we're not sure), and two of them will make it out this year. The third will have to wait until March 2008.

Buzz! Junior: RoboJam will be the first to hit store shelves some time this summer, and it will boast 25 different mini-gamers with…well, robots, of course. Sony calls it a "full tank of giggles," so like…are we supposed to expect tanks, or something? Well, we do know there's gonna be a giant alien octopus, so we suppose anything's possible. And, we'll be able to customize some of our own robots, as they'll utilize a "SmartBot" AI format that'll let you play against the computer. Just remember, Buzz! is more fun with friends.

We'll get Buzz! Junior: Monsters in October – guess when in October – and that should be something similar, only with monsters. Next March sees Buzz! Junior: Dinos , and you can use your imagination on that one as well. We're just wondering how well a PS2 game will sell in 2008, that's all. But at the same time, we can't deny how popular quiz games can be.

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