Despite its age, the PS2 still looks pretty in pink.

It may not be politically correct to say, but this freshly colored console is geared towards the teen girl market; a market that includes a rapidly growing number of gamers. The Nintendo DS already has a pink screen, and we all know it's not the male gamers making SingStar popular, so this is hardly a big surprise. Unfortunately, only Australia is on tap to receive this cute new PS2, so everyone else will be forced to import at this point.

It'll hit store shelves down under on March 15 – right around the corner! – and it's being dubbed a limited edition system. The frilly pink color also means consumers will be getting an extra pink Dual Shock controller with their purchase, plus a Sony 8MB memory card…also pink, of course. For guy gamers who still want to pick up a PS2 and want those free extras without appearing "girly," think of the color as…"tropical."

"Games such as SingStar have really heightened the appeal of the PlayStation 2 for a whole new diverse audience, who may not previously have considered themselves 'gamers'," said Raoul Bedford, SCE Aust. Director of Marketing. "PlayStation is all about fun and with more and more people, especially women, enjoying a night in with the PlayStation 2, the introduction of this pink version gives them a new and colourful option when purchasing the console."

The PS2 still has a little gas in the tank, as the library remains huge and next week sees the release of one of the most anticipated games in the console's history. We're not going to say it's name; if you don't know what it is, you ain't no gamer. But wait…this system might appeal to girls more, and

isn't exactly a "girly" title, so… Then again, what do we know? There are some pretty hardcore girl gamers out there!

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