Sometimes, when a publisher falls, a game's plans go down with the ship. But other times, another publisher swoops in as a high-flying savior and delivers the supposedly doomed game from the jaws of death. After Acclaim disappeared, everyone thought The Red Star – originally scheduled for the Xbox – was gone for good, but Take-Two Interactive has snagged the comic-inspired title for a release on the PS2 in the UK.

Due to bankruptcy in 2004 – why else? – Acclaim had to call it quits, but Take-Two is still a powerhouse publisher (despite a bad fiscal 2006), and they're going to give The Red Star new life on April 6. The game is based on the graphic novel by Christian Gossett, and you'll play as a three different characters "in a parallel universe where soldiers of a Russian-inspired superpower fight for their liberty and their lives against the powerful forces of an evil Dark Lord and his ruthless assassin." In addition to the super fast action; a fusion of shooter and brawler, we'll also have the benefit of a cool co-op mode.

Unfortunately, we have no idea if they plan to bring the game to other regions. As of now, The Red Star is only confirmed for the UK. Ya lucky bums.

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