Every business exists to make money; it's a general rule of thumb in a capitalist society. However, that doesn't mean we can't have a sense of humanity about us when we're making all that cash, right? Charities can always use the help, and the game industry is about to step up with its own contribution.

The world's first non-profit videogame publisher, OneBigGame, has arrived. Created by the co-founder of Guerilla Games, Martin de Ronde, OneBigGame will give game professionals a chance to "do something good for the world." The publisher plans to raise funds for charities and also raise awareness for such worthwhile causes.

More than a few developers have offered their support – with many more expected to come – and that includes Charles Cecil (Revolution Software) and Ernest Adams (International Hobo). Studios Avalanche, Relentless, Kuju and Freestyle are also on board.

"So far, industry response has been tremendous," said de Ronde. "Over the past months, we have been conducting informal talks with a wide variety of games industry people, and we are confident the development community is ready for a large scale industry wide charity initiative."

See? Those anti-game activists can't possibly find fault in this endeavor. Well, no, they probably can. But us sane people will view this as a 100% positive occurrence in the industry.

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