One of the most successful World War II shooters in history – and there are a lot of them – is EA's Medal of Honor franchise. From the original on the PS1 in 1999 to the most recent set of installments on the PS2, they've gone from fantastic to merely good, but just about all are entertaining and well worth playing. If you haven't had the chance to play the last three, though, EA is giving you your best chance yet.

It's called the Medal of Honor Collection for the PS2, and it includes Medal of Honor: Frontline , Medal of Honor: Rising Sun , and Medal of Honor: European Assault . Just announced yesterday, it's right around the corner as the Collection is scheduled to hit store shelves on March 6 for the very reasonable price of $29.99. That's three full Medal of Honor games for $30, so it's one heck of a good deal.

All told, 27 million MoH copies have been sold, which makes it the best-selling WWII series ever. Frontline is the oldest and most revered of the three titles available in this upcoming Collection, but fans of the franchise will certainly enjoy the intense trio. March is turning out to be a fantastic month for games, isn't it? And we could all use such a month after a somewhat bland January and February.

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