We figured the Final Fantasy XII launch in Europe would be a big deal, and HMV on London's Oxford Street has worked to make it an even bigger deal. Over 500 people turned up on the streets outside the store this morning, eagerly anticipating their impending purchase that would hopefully come with their cute 'n cuddly limited edition Moogle.

The first 100 would be entitled to the Moogle, as well as a copy of the game's soundtrack. But all those fans who wanted the extra goodies had to wait a bit longer than usual, as the official unveiling didn't occur until three hours after the doors had opened for business. However, it was worth waiting for: FF XII director Hiroshi Minagawa and executive producer Akitoshi Kawazu were on hand to answer questions and sign copies of the game, much to the delight of the fans.

Of course, for launch day, you have to expect a few hardcore fans who like to play dress-up. Fans were showing up dressed as everything from Cloud to Vivi to Squall…we'll assume they didn't dress up as a FF XII character simply because they hadn't played the game yet, and well, they don't know who the characters are . But by know, we're sure those happy fans have been introduced to at least a few of those great characters. Have fun, guys, the game truly is a masterpiece.

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