Okami has already garnered plenty of critical acclaim over the past couple of months, but now, Capcom can slide another prestigious award under its belt.

The 10th Annual Japan Arts Festival rewards creative works across a variety of different forms of media, although the Entertainment Division just recently came into existence in 2003. Before they formed that division, only a couple games received any award: Rez in 2002 and Dragon Quest VII in 2000 for Digital Interactive Art.

The 2006 Grand Prize Award in the Entertainment Division went to Okami , with Rhythm Heaven and Nintendo's Talking DS Cooking Navi taking home awards for excellence. The Clover team has since moved on, some to create the new development studio Seeds, and others to work on Resident Evil 5 , but this remains a great recognition for both the original team and Capcom. It's just too bad the game didn't sell better.

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