The PS2 keeps on kickin', as yet another title is just on the horizon for a system that just refuses to fizzle out.

Koei has officially announced that their tactical/action title, Samurai Warriors 2 Empires , has gone Gold, which means the tough development work is done, and the game is all set and ready for the production phase. It should hit stores for both the PS2 and Xbox 360 on February 28.

Not surprisingly, this one is set in feudal Japan during the Warring States era, and it's actually the first installment in Koei's Empires series that takes place in Japan. With over 400 playable characters to choose from (no joke!), an awfully intriguing create-a-warrior mode, and multiple gameplay modes (including 2-player Co-op), this particular title might end up providing a very deep and addictive experience.

Lastly, if you plan to pick it up, you'll have another nice surprise- it will cost significantly less than you might have anticipated; $29.99 for the PS2 version and $39.99 for the 360 version.

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