Atlus just keeps pumping out the PS2 titles, and their latest is an action/RPG that goes by the name of Odin Sphere . Recently announced for the now-last-gen console, the game is scheduled to release in Japan some time this Spring, and in the U.S. later on this year.

The company almost always provides RPG fans with a singular and insanely deep experience, and we expect to see the same thing here. They're taking elements of several other titles we're familiar with, including the inclusion of valkyries ( Valkyrie Profile ) and the concept of different character stories linked within the main plot ( Suikoden III ). The latter feature probably intrigues you most, right? Well, each of the five characters involved all exist in the same time – so this isn't like Chrono Trigger/Cross – but their storylines are separate from one another, linking together at certain points.

We will follow the stories of Gwendlyn, Cornelius, Mercedes, Oswald, and Velvet as we progress through the game, which is actually a psuedo-sequel to Princess Crown . According to the development team, they're taking an interesting approach this time around, perhaps leaning more towards an operatic, cinematic, or dramatic storytelling style. So don't forget to check this one out, RPG fans. Also, keep an eye out for our preview, coming soon!

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